How to Find Solfege Nursery Rhymes in Little Musician

Can I just say I <3 BrillKids Little Musician?
It helped give my kids perfect pitch, how could I not!

I fell in love with Little Musician when it first came outyou can read and watch the very detailed full review here. Now I want to share how to make the most out of using the program’s solfege nursery rhymes. Lots of people either miss this aspect entirely or don’t know where to find them. They are a hidden gem you should not overlook. Solfege is the time tested universal language of music and NO other program offers anything like this–it’s awesome!

From the main Little Musician screen: go to PLAY EDIT > MUSIC NOTES > CHILDREN’S SONGS.

Start with one or two songs and learn them by heart. You will probably have to play them very slowly initially but soon you will be able to zip along at full speed! Don’t get frustrated if you can’t keep up, just use repetition until you and your child can. Don’t forget you can change the tempo manually all the way down to a snail’s pace to be even slower than the “slow practice” version preset. Once you learn them by heart, sing them in the bath, at breakfast, in the car, and on and on and on…. 🙂

Here’s some screen shots to walk you through.




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