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Learning Skeleton Anatomy

A while ago I came across a printout of the bones in the human body. You can find the file on my Pinterest board here. It prints on 6 pages and you simply tape it all together. I have been meaning to do the activity with my kids since Halloween but life got in the way.  Well, in the last month we began watching some Amamaniacs learning songs on Youtube that I remembered from my childhood. Just search “Animaniacs bones” on youtube, with or without written lyrics, as you prefer.

The kids love it! They are fun and we are starting to learn the words although they are sung very quickly, so you might want to play it at the .75 speed setting. Although not all of the names match up exactly (they say finger bones vs. phalanges, etc) many of them do and it’s greatly boosted their interest in learning the names of the bones! (Note- The word evolution is mentioned once in the song for those that are sensitive to secular influences.)

I printed out the skeleton on cardstock and then added a colored dot on every place that needed labeling to serve as a visual cue. I then created labels using my label maker for simplicity, but of course you can just write them directly on the printout, on blank labels, or you could get creative and even make your own magnet labels for repeated use.

The kids matched up the labels using an answer key and generally had a great time! I have been reinforcing the bone names with Owen especially whenever we pass through the kitchen and it usually ends in tickling, giggles, and lots of hugs. 🙂 “Where is Owen’s frontal bone? Where is Mommy’s patella?” and so on.  The only downside is that the refrigerator is a dangerous place to hang paper in regards to spills and things, but I don’t intend for it to last forever so I didn’t bother laminating it. Overall, it’s been a super project and we are having fun solidifying their knowledge of the bones. Give it a try with your kids!

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